šŸŖ™$SOC Staking

Fees generated from loans on fungible tokens will be a 50/50 split between the team and $SOC staked in the platform - https://stake.levvy.fi/. This will be given out in ADA and claimed at any point after staking. Rewards are proportional to how much $SOC you staked and how much is staked in total in the platform.

There is a lock-up of 180 days from the moment you stake. If, after that time, you wish to unstake, you can do so without any penalties.

However, a dynamic unstaking fee is removed from the staked amount if you decide to unstake $SOC before the lock-up period. The unstaking fee (y) decreases non-linearly every day (x):

Go to https://stake.levvy.fi/, click the stake button, and a popup will show you the available $ SOC you can stake. Remember that once you stake, your tokens are fee-locked for 180 days. After staking, you can claim ADA on this same page and unstake in the module below.

Each staking amount is treated individually, with its own lock-up period - meaning that you can unstake the different amounts at different times!

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