🖼️Levvy for Collections

By default, Levvy will include all collections with significant volume and demand. Creators do not have to take any action to have their NFTs on Levvy.

By staking 6,000,000,000 ADA/SOC LP tokens with Levvy, NFT creators and collections can receive a number of benefits within the platform. To stake, NFT founders must connect their wallets to our collection management system, verify their Twitter, and submit a royalty address. Upon approval, they will become part of our Levvy for Collections program.

Collections will lose these benefits when unstaking the SOC/ADA LP. There is a 10% fee when unstaking, which will be burned. Depending on market conditions, we may change the requirement for the amount of SOC LP needed, but changes will not affect already staked collections.

Adding LP

You have two options to acquire your required LP tokens. If you only have ADA and no SOC tokens, head to Minswap Zap (https://app.minswap.org/liquidity?tab=zap). From there, enter enough ADA in order to get the right amount of LP tokens. Make sure that the Estimated LP Tokens Received amount is at least 6 Billion.

If you already have $SOC tokens, simply head to the regular "Add Liquidity" section on Minswap (https://app.minswap.org/liquidity). Enter the right balance of ADA and SOC to have the right amount of SOC LP tokens. Once again, make sure that the Estimated LP Tokens Received amount is at least 6 Billion.

Founders must provide 6 billion tokens for each unique policy ID on which they want to collect fee shares on.

-> 💰Royalty Fees

As a result, they gain the opportunity to receive a portion of fees generated from loans, which offers an additional revenue stream for projects.

To be eligible for it, the first step is to use our Levvy Collection Manager and connect a wallet to claim the collection. After staking SOC LP, you will have the opportunity to enter a royalty address. You will begin receiving rewards once your provided information is verified and approved.

-> 🌐 Increased Exposure

Member collections will also receive a custom icon and decoration on their pool, giving them more spotlight for our members. Featured pools will also receive a boost in our ordering mechanism.

-> Future Features

We plan to add additional benefits for Levvy for Collections participants, including more opportunities for exposure, potential pool customization options, and more.

Most collections will be added manually. If your collection is unavailable for lending & borrowing on the platform, please contact The Ape Society's representatives.

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