🔝Levvy Pro

Levvy Pro provides an enhanced experience for lenders and borrowers seeking additional features and benefits. By staking 7,500 $SOC tokens, users can upgrade to Levvy Pro, unlocking a broader range of capabilities.

The upgrade process is conveniently accessible through a dedicated section within users' accounts, allowing them to stake or unstake their $SOC tokens with ease.

Levvy Pro will deactivate when unstaking $SOC. There is a 10% fee when unstaking, which will be burned. Depending on market conditions, we may change the required amount of $SOC needed for PRO, but changes will not affect already staked users.

Levvy Pro introduces loan extension options to all staked users, granting them the flexibility to extend the duration of their loans.

By accepting new loans to repay existing ones, borrowers can obtain additional time without requiring additional capital. This feature not only offers convenience but also opens up the possibility of accessing new loans with improved terms, enhancing the overall borrowing experience.

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